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Cebu Child Custody and Support

Discussion of Cebu child custody and support are the most common issues parents face. It is often the most dramatic part of a separation that can range from agreeable to messy, depending on the relationship of both parties.

Whether we represent the mother or the father, we will help achieve the best arrangements for both parties, and especially the best interest for the child.

Child custody is best resolved amicably out of court. If mediation can be settled with healthy collaboration from both parents, this will hopefully help retain a positive relationship with the child and both parents.

However, if the relationship has completely broken down and can only be resolved in court, we can represent you for issues on Cebu Child Custody, Child Care Arrangements, and Child Support.

Mom's Rights

Single moms, whether married, unmarried, annulled, or separated, may know the parental rights recognized by law, as well as issues including support, relocation, and other concerns.

Dads may also require legal counsel and representation e.g. on custody, visitation, child care arrangements and support. Know your rights and obligations as a dad to legitimate or illegitimate children

Lawyering with Compassion

VARONA LAW is the go-to law firm when it comes to Family and Civil Law in Cebu, Philippines as well as in the greater Vis-Min Region. We also serve Filipino Overseas and International Clientele.

VARONA LAW is the first choice in family-related concerns including Separation, Annulment, Child Custody and Arrangements, Wills, Litigation, Mediation and Settlements.

Our aim is to reduce conflict and costs by helping our clients issues through collaboration at the first instance. Nonetheless, if a more robust method is necessary, we are equipped with the team and strategy to garner the best outcomes. we Will assist you through the challenges and concerns from finances, asset protection and preservation, children’s welfare, and more. We provide dynamic lawyering and a streamlined process to your needs.

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Important Things You Should Know about Cebu Child Custody, Child Arrangements, and Child Support

Child Custody and Arrangements

It’s a case-by-case basis.

If born out of wedlock (illegitimate children), the sole parental authority is with the mother.

For married couples, both father and mother get joint custody. In case of disagreement between the spouses, the father’s decision prevails unless there is a judicial order to the contrary.

If the marriage is terminated by an annulment, any child below 7 yo is deemed to choose the mother, unless the court decides otherwise. Children above 7 yo can choose.

In case of absence or death of either parent, the present or surviving parent present shall continue exercising parental authority.

In case of death, absence, or unsuitability of both parents, substitute parental authority shall be exercised by the surviving grandparent. If there are several candidates, the one designated by the court.

In all cases, the court shall take into consideration the best interests of the child in making its decision.   

If the child is taken from you without consent, the single mother can file kidnapping charges.

In case the father takes the child away as opposed to the terms under which he was given access, the single mother can file a petition for contempt for violating any court order.

Visitation right is the right to a parent, grandparent, or other relatives who is deprived of custody but still want to visit the child on a regular basis.

Details of one’s visitation rights are determined and granted by the court. 

Parental authority may be terminated or suspended by order of the court. The grounds for permanently terminating parental authority are: death of parent/s, emancipation of child, sexual and physical abuse. 

Custody and parental authority may also be terminated or suspended in any of the following instances: adoption of child, appointment of guardian, judicial decision on abandonment, judicial declaration of incapacity of the person assigned parental authroity.

Child Support

Child support


One must first prove that the child is related to the father. If the father disputes his paternity, this can be proven by a DNA test.

Child support must be demanded

According to Philippine law, child support is for the indispensable needs of the child, including food, shelter, clothing, education, transportation, and medical attendance. 

The amount is never final. As the situation changes, so would the child support requirements.

No fixed amount or percentage is set for child support. It is based on the proportion of the parent’s means or financial capacity, and the needs of the child, but will be decided on court.



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