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VARONA LAW is a law firm headquartered in Cebu with core competence in Family Law, ensuring the best interests of our clients. 

As a Cebu Family Lawyer, we handle Family Law in the Philippines – Annulment, Legal Separation, Child Custody and Child Support, Wills, Trusts and Estates, Adoption, Prenuptial Agreements, Mediation, and Settlement of Family Disputes.

Philippine Annulment

There is no divorce in the Philippines – Annulment is the way to end a marriage in our country,  or the declaration of the marriage as null and void, can be determined by the specific circumstances.

Any Cebu Family Lawyer understands that Annulment is an emotionally-charged process, but exiting a marriage can be achieved in a clean (and legal) manner. Let us assist you in your proceedings.

Legal Separation and Philippine Annulment

Legal Separation

Legal Separation is not divorce, it is likewise different from Philippines’ Annulment. Legal Separation it is a court-approved separation between spouses, especially in instances of physical violence, abuse, or infidelity in married relationships.

We provide legal representation on Common Property Resolution, Financial Support, and Child Custody.

Child Custody is one of the most impactful parts of any separation, for both the parents and the children. We work so as to ensure that the children preserve a healthy relationship with both parents.

We advocate for our client’s interests while having an appreciation of the big picture. We provide legal support on Child Custody, Child Support, Arrangement for Visitation, and Support.

Cebu and Philippine Adoption


Domestic and Intercountry Adoption involves processes, paperwork, and interfacing with government agencies.

We assist Filipino and foreign adopting parents through the process of Adopting a child in the Philippines.

Prenuptial Agreement Cebu and the Philippines

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements make a deliberate and clear agreement with the assets of each person prior to marriage. We help draft Prenuptial Agreements to clearly delineate and prevent conflict with regard to conjugal property. Analogous to good fences (making good neighbors), Prenuptial Agreements can make for more harmonious marriages.

If already married, we can also help draft a Postnuptial Agreement if in need a legally binding framework.

VARONA LAW - Real Estate Lawyer Philippines

Wills and Estates

We handle Drafting and Executing Wills, Succession Planning, Estate Planning and Administration, Transfer of Titles, Inheritance Protection, and Inheritance Disputes.

Ensure that your final wishes are accomplished by preparing a will. Many family conflicts could’ve been averted with proper Succession Planning and drafting a Family Constitution. A properly executed will means better management and distribution of property to the heirs. 

We can also assist with Estate Planning in the most tax-efficient way.

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