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VARONA LAW is the choice Philippine Civil Lawyer and Family Disputes. We handle Collection of Debt, Personal Injury, Property Disputes, Breach of Contract, and Civil Litigation.

Headquartered in Cebu, we are ready to serve the NCR, Vis-Min, and nationwide.

VARONA LAW OFFICE Cebu, Philippines
Personal Lawyer and Civil Law Firm in the Philippines

Collection of Debt

Debt Collection can be purely a civil matter or involve a criminal element, such as in the case of Swindling (Estafa). As a Philippine Civil Lawyer, we are able to advise and represent clients in either case.

Civil Lawyer Philippines VARONA LAW

Personal Injury

Road Accidents and Incidents, Medical Malpractice and Workplace Injuries are common examples of cases where personal injury is caused by the negligence of an individual or an establishment.

We represent clients seeking to recompense for injuries caused in cases where the failure to observe a standard of care was the cause of the injury.

Property Disputes - Philippine Family and Civil Lawyer VARONA LAW

Property Disputes

Property Disputes can come in many forms and involve a wide range of parties. It may involve disputes over commonly owned property with family members, problems with landlords and tenants, trespassers and squatting, neighbor disputes, and homeowners’ associations.

We handle Property Foreclosures, Wills and Inheritance, Landlord and Tenant Issues, Developers and Buyers Disputes, Right of Way, and Zoning Issues. We give sound legal advice and representation before the courts and administrative agencies.

Breach of Contract - Philippine Family and Civil Lawyer VARONA LAW

Breach of Contract

Contracts define your obligations and relationships with other parties. There are a number of issues that appear in the performance of a contract: incompetence causing delays, canceled contracts, and non-fulfillment of obligations.

If you find yourself enmeshed in a contract dispute, it can hinder your business affairs. We can provide legal representation and advice to assist in resolving contract disputes and protect your business interests.

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